Our Metrics

Keeping ourselves honest — We're sharing an honest look at data that tracks our impact and the stories that drive us to do all the good we can. Take a look.

  • No. 31 Out with the plastic, in with the wood. Our room keys come in 5 different types of recycled wood.
  • No. 67 Nothing is ever really lost. Our hotels are full of dozens of reclaimed materials that have withstood the test of time and keep on giving.
  • No. 98 Hang in there. It's a good one. Our hangers are made from 100% post consumer recycled materials. They’re full of stories, too.
  • No. 14 Write on. In an effort to be paper-smart, you’ll find a reclaimed chalkboard in your room for notes & doodles.
  • No. 22 Dogs (and cats) are family too. We would never ask you to leave your furry (or not furry) friend behind!
  • No. 68 Green feels good. Our hotels are home to thousands of different plants.
  • No. 81 Portable Ommm. All our guest rooms have yoga mats, available for your use in or outside of the hotel.
  • No. 99 The Market, right here at 1. Find deliciously ripe, just-picked seasonal fruits and vegetables at our lobby farm stand. Straight from regional farms, direct to you.
  • No. 55 Our Less Than Charm. A small gift for our guests, this charm reminds guests to consume “less than” they did before.
  • No. 3 Mindful moments are everywhere. The shower timers in our rooms are a gentle reminder that just a few minutes saved can add up to make a big difference.


Energy binds everything and everyone, but we also need it to keep the lights on. At 1 Hotels we have implemented a wide range of energy saving initiatives to keep our footprint small and hotels comfortable.

How we save energy:

  • 19,500 Low Energy Bulbs
  • 9,500 LED Bulbs
*Values based on modeled consumption when actual data not available.


40% of our guests say we influence their sustainability practices at home


*Values based on modeled consumption when actual data not available.

At 1 Hotels every drop counts. We recognize that water is our most valuable resource and we work hard to reduce the volume we use on a daily basis so it remains in nature, where it belongs.

  • 18.0 Million Gallons

    Water Filtered

    through the triple-filter purification system

  • 5.8 Million Gallons

    Water Saved

    through low flow fixtures and shower timers

  • 310,000 Gallons

    Water Reclaimed

    through our rain catch and reuse program

50% of our guests go back to the tap and use their in room water dispenser


When it comes to Waste, we work to recycle, repurpose, and reuse all that we can. At 1 Hotels, less is more when it comes to what we leave behind.

*Values based on modeled consumption when actual data not available.
  • 266,500 Saved Plastic Bottles

    through using triple-filtered tap water and glassware a month

  • 395 Tons Avoided Food Waste

    by controlling portions in the property restaurants and bars

73% of our guests use their in-room recycling bins during their stay


Food plays an integral role in our mission to build a platform for change. From the farms we work with, to the tables we serve the food on, we’re delivery fresh ingredients and fresh ideas on all things eat & drink.

  • Little River Cooperative

    Nestled in the heart of Miami, we source truly local produce grown through organic processes from this small farm dedicated to Community Sponsored Agriculture !

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  • Dining at Jams

    Chef Jonathan Waxman brings his decades of farm-to-table cooking for a fresh dining experience.

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Meet our agents of change. Our #1Team are the soldiers and champions, working every day to deliver good-natured service while keeping our world beautiful.

  • Our 1st Birthday!

    Sun ups and sunsets, 365 of them to be exact. 1 Hotels turns 1. Succulent cupcakes, anyone?

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  • #1day

    Making change takes hard work. At 1 Hotels, every employee gets one full day of pay to give back to the environment. Get a first hand look at the volunteer work our staff.

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  • Join the 1 Family

    We're not just a brand, we're a cause. Join our team to make an impact everyday.

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It takes a village. We only collaborate with people who care about the same things that we care about. Every company or organization we work with has a mandate that matters.

  • Take your journey. Change your body. Find your soul. 1 Hotel South Beach is home to the first Soul Cycle in Miami Beach.

  • Buying green with the green, meet our energy purchaser in NYC that supplies our hotels with green energy from renewable sources.

  • Living wall extrodinares, Agrosci has brought our facades to life (literally) with living walls at our South Beach and Central Park properties.

  • This 100 year old hotel industry watchdog group is working with 1 Hotels and other major hotel chains to define the sustainability standards for the future of the industry.

  • The conservancy brings Brooklyn Bridge Park to life. We support the work of the conservancy with monetary and inkind donations.

  • The infinite loop. Not some space travel continuum, but the life cycle of our hangers. Ditto provides us with hangers that never have to go in the trash.

  • We have teamed up with this forward-thinking technology company to collect and analyse data from our recycling containers so we can track and optimize our waste management process to make it more sustainable.

  • Our 1 Hotel South Beach Impact Partner, we support the Frost Museum of Science with monetary and inkind support.

  • 1 Hotels works with this global certification body to ensure that we are purchasing sustainably sourced wood products for all our hotels.

  • A third-party verifier and sustainability consultant that helps us to maximize our waste management programs

  • Bottled water can be better. Just Water, our official water partner, delivers 100% spring water in a paper based bottle.

  • Keetsa can be thanked for the restful sleep you get at 1 Hotels. Their hemp-blend mattresses have a minimum impact on the environment and a maximum impact on your REM cycle.

  • Love our paraben free, soy based shower amenities? You can thank our partner La Bottega for them.

  • Liberty Bottleworks supplies 1 Hotels team members with water bottles made from recyclable aluminum to carry with them & fill up with water direct from our taps.

  • A pioneer in organic food processing systems, this company enables us to rapidly process the hotels food waste, which takes garbage trucks off the road, diverts organic food waste from landfills, significantly reduces methane pollution, and recycles food waste into renewable resources.

  • Sustainably sourced beans in a 100% recyclable pod means fresh brewed coffee for our guests whenever they want it.

  • 1 hotels has partnered with this grassroots group of surfers, activists, and lovers of the oceans to support healthy oceans by eliminating single use plastics from out hotels whenever possible.

  • 1 Hotels has made a commitment to work with the City of NYC to achieve a 30 percent reduction in emission in the Next 10 years

  • Our 1 Hotel Central Park Impact Partner, we support the great work of New York Restoration Project with monetary and inkind support.

  • The Butterfly Mark is awarded to luxury lifestyle brands that are committed to protecting our planet and its resources.

  • Hundreds of your favorite publications are at your fingertips on the 1 Guide in-room device. Paper-smart, plus super convenient.

  • Back to the tap. Every water tap in our hotels pumps out triple filtered water that good for you and good for the environment!

  • We collaborate with this global leader in green building standards to ensure we implement sustainable construction and operational practices whenever possible.

  • The Tesla Model S is our house car at 1 Hotels, available complimentary, to get our guests where they want to go.

  • A blend of design, nature and living art come together through unique plant arrangements and living art installations created for 1 Hotel South Beach.

  • Fresh flavors, healthy options and quality ingredients with the belief of crafting delicious foods to fuel your day. Always served with your mind, body and spirit in full focus.

  • Tom Colicchio’s seasonal sensibility has arrived in Miami at 1 Hotel South Beach focusing on locally caught fish and antibiotic-free meats accompanied by vibrant produce.

  • Beyond the stems. Gardenia Organic’s commitment to sustainability and locally-sourcing makes them natural fit for 1 Hotel Central Park. From private events, to interactive installations -- GO is our GO-to florist in New York City.

  • Chirp Chirp! That’s the sound of the sustainable sounds. Vers is our in room bluetooth speaker. Made of beautiful wood, a tree is planted for each speaker made.

  • Mindful Partnerships. Brooklyn based holstee brings mindful living into our guest rooms and public spaces with reclaimed wood frames and beautiful prints. Coming later this year, mindful meetings.

  • Quality products, even better stories. Williamsburg based outfitter Kaufmann Mercantile helped outfit our meeting spaces with quality, durable products we can be proud of.

  • Get Green Or Give Green

    Enjoy up to 30% off your stay plus a $20 hotel credit to use as you wish. We’ll donate any unused portion to New York Restoration Project to support their work as New York’s only citywide conservancy.

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